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Monday, September 3, 2018
Community Service
Community Service Report
Brenda Farmer has stepped up to the plate to help me with the Community Service Committee.  We will continue doing the work that's been done with the contributions to organizations (organizing publicity, sorting boxing, and delivering donations), and help with all of the benefit dinners, etc.  Despite the titles of chairman that are out there, neither of us are looking for such and know that it takes the involvement of the members when it comes to the donations to the causes.  

Please continue to bring donations of clean, gently-used clothes and shoes for Against Abuse Shelters and Thrift Shop.  You may also bring items such as linens, dishes, or other small usable goodies.

A big thanks to Bob and Maralyn Turner for their consistent support of the Moose Lodge's community service program.  They always take the time to care about those in need.

Mary Jo
Community Service Committee
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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 Following up on the Convention in Scottsdale, I'd like to say how excited I am about what I think we are going to be able to accomplish this next year.  I am hoping that the grant request is approved so that we can work on some improvements in the kitchen and the Social Quarters.  I know that change is hard for some, but I am confident that those changes we are looking at are for the best and with strengthen our core as we live this year's campaign slogan of "Moose on a Mission."  It's great to see the officers getting excited about what we can do and know that they are spreading that to the membership as well.  We are only as strong as our weakest link and I couldn't be more impressed by what I've seen here so far.  With more to come, I hope to see everyone focusing on the positive.  Every Lodge seems to have some type of drama inherent to it.  I think that Arizona City has what it takes to minimize that drama and prove just why so many have worked to keep this Lodge going for so long.  If you haven't stepped up to help out, now's the time.  The Moose Legion is digging in to do some amazing things this year and the Women of Chapter 2229 will be here at 1pm on the 23rd of September to hold their first Chapter meeting to incorporate the women who frequent our Lodge here.  I hope to see all of the ladies here.  
As always, I am looking for suggestions or comments (constructive please) to help improve everything from the Social Quarters to our community outreach.  I can't wait to see what happens when our visitors are back and see everything we've accomplished in their absence.  Let's be proud to be Moose and show it in our actions and conduct.
Fraternally yours,
Robert Mathis
Governor's Message
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